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TeleCard is ready to evolve as the most technological advanced Integrated Telecom Solution provider of the country. We believe in constantly adding value added products to our dynamic portfolio. TeleCard has successfully launched WLL service (GO CDMA) based on CDMA2000 1 X technology that provides the unique combination of voice and data/internet for the first time in Pakistan. We have partnered with a diverse set of organizations throughout the world to launch our Long Distance and International Calling Service.
GOCDMA:Revolutionizing the way you communicate
GOCDMA is revolutionary concept where life revolves around a single goal: to bring people closer. At TeleCard, we believe communication is the expression of life and we work endlessly to make it possible. To know more about GO CDMA log on to www.gocdma.com.pk
TeleCard LDI
With the vision of becoming a full-spectrum telecom service provider in Pakistan, TeleCard enters into the recently deregulated telecommunication market as a pioneer of Long Distance and International (LDI) Services Read More....
SUPERNET started its services in 1994. The company is owned by the TeleCard Limited, a full telecom service provider. SUPERNET today is the largest DNO operating in Pakistan in the private sector, providing different services including Internet Access, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint communication services using radio and satellite access, and Integration solutions. To know more about SUPERNET Log on to www.super.net.pk
Prepaid Wireless Payphones
After successful trials of our pilot project in Faisalabad way back from 1993, TeleCard embarked upon implementing the Wireless Telephony for public calling in rural, suburban and urban areas in a joint venture with Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL). Read More....

 Public Access Calling
In a less developed country like Pakistan where phone penetration is still below 3 lines per 100 persons, it becomes difficult to fulfil Universal Service Obligations. The solution is to provide neighbourhood based phone service with a secured payment system.Thus providing service to a maximum number of users with minimum number of lines. Read More....

Street Side Payphones
Designed for use by general public for their basic, emergency, or impulsive calling. Specially sited at high visibility locations to provide round the clock access to a payphone. These street side payphones are excellent revenue and foot traffic generation propositions for retail outlets located near the phones. Read More....

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